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What are the possible side effects in Cialis?


- Possible side effects:


  • headache, dizziness;
  • hot flashes;
  • dyspepsia;
  • nasal congestion;
  • transient vision changes (rare)


Most often noted undesirable events are a headache and dyspepsia (11% and 7% cases respectively). Unwanted events associated with taking tadalafil, usually mild or moderate in severity, transient and diminish with continued dosing. Other usual undesirable effects were back pain, myalgia, nasal congestion and "tides" of blood to the face. Seldom - swelling of eyelids, eye pain, hyperemia and dizziness conjuctiva.


Cialis cannot be taken by all. Patients receiving any form of organic nitrates should not take Cialis or any other PDE5 inhibitor. This combination can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. If the patient during sex complains of chest pain or other symptoms related to heart activity, he should immediately consult the doctor. In clinical trials the most frequent side effect was headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle and rush of blood to the face. Usually side effects are mild or moderate, pass quickly, and their frequency decreases with constant use of the drug. In clinical studies, most men have not experienced serious side effects, which forced them to stop taking Cialis


Not does Cialis on fertility?


- Cialis has no effect on fertility. However, in cases where violations of erection impede fertility in couples of childbearing age, Cialis can benefit.


How Cialis effective for women?


- Cialis is not intended for solving problems in the sexual sphere in women.


Are there any age restrictions for receiving Cialis?


- Cialis is not prescribed to persons under 18 years of age.


Cialis is a natural (vegetable) or synthetic product?


- The active ingredient of Cialis is tadalafil — synthetic substance.


What is the form of issue Cialis?


- Cialis comes in packs of 1 tablet for 20 mg and in packs of 4 tablets of 20 mg.


Can you help Cialis patients with diabetes?


- Yes. In clinical trials 68% of men with diabetes who took Cialis tablets 20 mg observed improvement in erection.


If any restriction in food intake in the treatment of Cialis?


- No. Cialis can be taken together or without food, so the patient my partner should not change their habits.


Can I use Cialis daily for an extended period of time?


- Daily use of the drug is strongly discouraged.


Will patients experience erection if they do not want?


- No, for the effectiveness of Cialis required for sexual arousal.


Can I use Cialis if you take only half the pills?


- Cialis is designed for use in a dosage of 20 mg, divide the pill into smaller dosages cannot.


Who produces Cialis and whether he analogs?


- Cialis is designed and produced by well-known pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (USA). Currently, other pharmaceutical companies started producing cheaper and equally effective generic forms* Cialis. Generic forms of composition absolutely identical Cialis, produced under other brand names or under the name of the current start - of tadalafil, and are much cheaper because advertising costs at a fraction of the cost of generic forms of drugs, as a rule, considerably lower.


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